Thankful Thursday Pt. 2

Today I am thankful for printing services. As a former undergraduate and current graduate student that utilized many different printing services, the different options I had as a student were strikingly large! I continue to use them on a regular basis and I would not be able to accomplish all that I have (including my employment opportunities and my high grades) without them!

Photo 214

First off, the library offered great cheap and last minute printers, both black and white as well as color. Second, Kinkos not only was able to make copies of my textbooks that I didn’t have the money the pay for, but also was great for printing resumes on fancy paper. Third, there were some student centers that offered even cheaper printing services than the library – sometimes even free! One of my favorite study corners were inside the Transfer Center where they sold cheaper print cards and had nice computers that I could work on. Fourth, many work places do have printing services for personal use. Just make sure that there are free and you are not using company resources. When all else failed, my parents’ printer worked splendidly too. Har har! Plus it was always free, except when my dad forgot to put in new ink cartridges.

*Final Note: In the best interest of being eco-friendly, try to avoid printing when possible. We live in the digital age — let’s take advantage of it! Save the trees!

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