To-Do Tuesday

In college, to-do lists will become your best friends. They will help you prioritize and help you stay on top of things. Writing things down for some reason triggers your extra powerful memory senses in your brain to make sure you will get the tasks done! Right now, my to-do list comprises of 56 things for me to do, but since I wrote them down I am much more determined to get them all done, and sure enough, I already crossed off a few!

When you have a to-do list as long as mine, it helps to break it down by days or weeks so they become daily or weekly goals! Another hack is to make it a goal to do half or another certain number of them so you can cheat feeling accomplished!

For example, here are 10 of my top weekly missions that I want to complete at least 5 of:

  1. Apply to more college jobs
  2. Email the Learning Center Managers (don’t forget to CC Clara!)
  3. Register for classes
  4. Complete scholarship applications
  5. Sign up for volunteering opportunities
  6. Study my Spanish and Mandarin
  7. Send Carmen (my pen pal is Australia) a letter
  8. Apply for fall graduation
  9. Look at textbooks I need to buy for fall classes
  10. Organize clothes/clean room

Miscel 031

Let’s hope I can complete five of these! We can do it! Please share with me what is on your to-do list and conquer our assignments together!

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