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Here is the first post of the Win Scholarship/Financial Aid series, featuring my tidbits of the ins and outs of scholarship applications!

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One of the most common scholarship application questions (and coincidentally interview questions as well) is “Tell us about yourself.”

This is a regular question because it always for the student to answer in any way he or she desires to. It is such an open ended that it can be dangerous! So let’s start with the basics – this question is a test of how well you know yourself and how you can express that. The trick here is to let the real you shine and be genuine. My pro tip? Be sure to answer the question with things that you know they want to hear and would love to hear in potential candidates!

In other words, if you know that the scholarship committee loves to award grants and money to students that love to give back to the community, then obviously you want to include that when answering this question. But if the scholarship is looking for passion students, whether it is a career field or a major, then you obviously want to slide that in there somewhere. Know your audience, and then mold your answer with a combination of what is truly you and what they like!

For example, I am passionate about education and giving back to the community. I have contributed over 2,000 hours of community service in my city to the library and local schools. With my extensive experience in reading programs, books and writing have been a significant part of my career. Instead of pursuing a Masters of Library Sciences, I have chosen to pursue a Masters in Reading, to help others discover the joy of literacy.

So how about you? Tell us about yourself! And have you been asked this question? In a scholarship application? Interview? Let me know in the comments!

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