Win Wednesday

Here is the third post of the Win Scholarships/Financial Aid series, featuring my tidbits of the ins and outs of scholarship applications! Click here to read the other posts of the series: and

Scholarship Question: Explain what you wish to accomplish and how you plan to reach that goal in the diverse world we live in today.

My Advice: This question can be tricky because you want to be realistic and well-informed in your answer. For example, becoming the President of the United States can be perceived as either extremely ambitious OR unashamedly senseless. My advice would be to make a general attainable statement but make sure to be able to support it with your detailed plan of what, why, and how you will accomplish just that. It is important to paint a picture for the scholarship committee and not say facts, but rather “the heart” (i.e. the emotional pull) in the story.

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My Example Answer: My goal is to become an expert in not only teaching but also in cultural understanding and global citizenship. With my passion in foreign languages, I hope to break language barriers in order to best serve my students in the classroom and be a voice as an advocate in the community. I look most forward to helping others find the gift of literacy by publishing creative and unconventional tools and books to engage students and promote lifelong learning. Above all, my desire to make a lasting positive impact will drive my efforts to help as many reading students from all diverse backgrounds.

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