My Second and Third Post Recaps

So my second post on this blog ( here had to do with how to pack if you’re on a vacation, which I actually already did a follow up to about two months ago here:, so I won’t do a third one, until I actually go on another trip, which won’t be for a while, because I’m seriously broke. The next time I MIGHT be taking a plane or maybe even a bus will not be probably until March or October, when there are Walt Disney World Auditions in San Francisco.

My third post after that was titled Meeting the Disneyland Ambassadors: Since then, Disneyland has chosen two new ambassadors, both of them are women and they both worked in my department! I actually briefly met one of them! Anyways, it’s still my dream to become an Ambassador and it would be a dream come true if I could be the next one. The Ambassadors serve for two years, if my memory is serving me correctly right now, so the next ones won’t be picked until fall of 2014. I have some time to take the course that Disneyland offers and then make sure that I don’t have any late points and then apply for it. I want it so badly! I have time because I’m only 21. My old roommate is 27 now and she wants it pretty badly too! But I feel like if she’s that much older than me and is still trying, I can too and I have much more time than her!


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