A Rant on Tests/Exams

So, knowing that I’d regret it down the line, for a moment the other day, I actually wanted to see what being a college student was like. Why did I know I would regret this thought? Because I had a huge flashback to my Freshman and Junior years of high school, a recollected how much rigorous schoolwork I had to get through before I graduated. That was definitely NOT a fun time for me!

Everyone that I am close to tells me they think I’ll really enjoy college compared to high school (which I don’t even know why), but having tests and reports being worth the majority of my grade sends shivers down my spine!

I test H.O.R.R.I.B.L.Y.
Like, SO badly.

Every time I try to take the advice of counselors and teachers and “Go with my first instinct” on multiple choice questions, my second choice ends up being correct. However, if I try to reverse the process and go with whatever is my final choice, my first instinct ends up being correct! I just can’t win with exams!

Now, I know I probably sound like I just guess on all of my tests, but that’s yet another aspect I hate about tests. I study ALL NIGHT consecutively, quiz myself senselessly, and do everything I can to prepare, and yet when I look at the questions the day of the exam, I see answer choices that have nothing to do with what I studied.

And when there is? There are a few answers that could be right, but one is “more right” than the others. WHAT?!?!

That is why I’m devastated by the fact that tests in college make up like a bajillion percent of one’s grades… (I’m toast.)

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Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Phoebe Kim, and I am an incoming freshman in college this year at Seattle University. A couple facts about myself: - I am from Salem, Oregon - I am 100% Korean in blood but I can fluently speak, read, and write in both Korean and English, and I dabble in Spanish as well! - I am super ordinary, and am very excited to blog here!!!

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