New Opportunity!

I apologize for not being able to blog yesterday! I got home past midnight and did not have any internet connection because I was on the road the whole time… :(

However… Yesterday was a potentially life-changing day for my family and I!
We visited a Japanese ramen restaurant in Eugene called Tokyo Ramen. The interior was very clean, fairly new, and actually quite promising! We previously met the owner coincidentally at a different restaurant, and happened to sit by them there. Because they were also Korean , my parents were very comfortable chatting with them. After eating some Japanese ramen for the first time in three years, we met up again with the owners, and talked with them for about two hours about the business, which they are looking into selling, and we were potentially looking into buying.

For about 15 years, my parents have owned a small coffee cart inside a medical clinic, and while it had been a very steady and sometimes even fun occupation for them, I think they are in dire need of change in location and positions. So as you can guess, we are currently considering getting this business and running a restaurant of our own! (It’s been my mom’s dream for a long time coming!!) I hope this works out! The only downside is that my family moving to Eugene means I’m another hour away from home :(

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Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Phoebe Kim, and I am an incoming freshman in college this year at Seattle University. A couple facts about myself: - I am from Salem, Oregon - I am 100% Korean in blood but I can fluently speak, read, and write in both Korean and English, and I dabble in Spanish as well! - I am super ordinary, and am very excited to blog here!!!

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