School Supply Haul!!

College prep “haul” number 2!

Today’s purchases were made at none other than my trusty old local Wal-Mart.
In total, I bought  7 items for school:

  • 1.5 inch black binder (one-touch, clear cover, 4 pockets, heavy duty from Avery)
  • 3 assorted colors of 1 subject notebooks (college ruled, 100 sheets, 11×9 from the Walmart brand)
  • Double pack of correction tape (Bic’s “Wite-Out”, roughly 39 feet of tape in each) *for the 20 pens I bought yesterday…*
  • Double pack of my favorite pencils (Paper Mate, .5mm lead, black and forest green, comes with lead refill and 2 extra erasers)
  • A  double pack of USB drive (8 gigs, red and blue, “Cruzer Pop” from SanDisk)

The total price for all of this (minus the USB drives) multiplied by two including my brother’s almost identical purchases amounted to about $45.00 USD.

A few words about the products I bought!
The pencils from Paper Mate are my absolute favorite store-bought pencils and I have been using them for as long as I can remember! I used to only buy .7mm lead pencils back in middle school, but ever since my brother lent me his .5mm one, I was hooked! They have helped me write smoother, and the clicking mechanism is right next to your thumb so you can write non-stop. The eraser is also very useful and effective, lasts f.o.r.e.v.e.r. The grip is comfortable, and, needless to say more, it is my personal school must-have! (It has gotten me safely through countless 40-essays for AP English and many other exams!!!)

My two cents for the day:
I highly recommend you start purchasing your school supplies and think about the bare necessities. Always remember, you are going to school and spending the big bucks to study and better yourself, so try not to be distracted by sparkly pencils or notebooks that sport style over functionality!

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