“Things You Only Understand After Your Freshman Year in College”

Today I read an interesting article called, “Thing You Only Understand After Your Freshman Year in College.” If you’re curious on its contents, I’ll link it down below, but here’s a simple list of what it said:

After reading the first slide, I thought that the article would consist of comedic ideas with some truth to them, but reading along, I realized that what was listed was actually very important news!
Some of these, such as fully understanding the importance of grammar (I have to admit I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi….) and renewing my identity and “social status,” I can’t wait to experience!
However, all of the other ones sound unsettling to me, and I’m actually quite afraid… But we’re all in this together, (Wildcats!) guys! Perhaps it will cause us to channel who we really are, and challenge us in the most positive manner!

Let’s discover ourselves and have a memorable first year!

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Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Phoebe Kim, and I am an incoming freshman in college this year at Seattle University. A couple facts about myself: - I am from Salem, Oregon - I am 100% Korean in blood but I can fluently speak, read, and write in both Korean and English, and I dabble in Spanish as well! - I am super ordinary, and am very excited to blog here!!!

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