Thinking About the Food at College….

For those of you who don’t really know me, one of the first things you should know is that I am a HUGE foodie! I. Love. Me. Some. Goooood. Food. (But really, who doesn’t??) All my life I’ve been spoiled and blessed with a mom who can cook better than anyone on the Food Network *lol* and in general, a family that appreciates delicious cuisine and makes it a huge part of our lives. (I sound like such a pig…excuse me!)

Well, today, while out grocery shopping for my parents’ coffee shop (by the way, did I mention they’re both incredible baristas??), I was looking at all of the pre-packaged meals, the desserts, pastries, cheeses, spices, soups, and more, and for some strange, strange reason, I got to thinking about the food at college that I will soon experience. I often hear about how the food in most schools gets so repetitive and boring that a lot of students quickly get sick of it, but at the university I’ll be attending, the food is catered daily by a catering service (redundant, much??), and a lot of the current students say they absolutely love it! It was actually voted into the Top Ten for best college food selection/quality, which I am VERRYYY excited about, if that wasn’t clear already hehe. I’m just worried about the notorious Freshman 15, so I devised a (rudimentary) plan…

For the first quarter, I will enjoy the food that is provided with the money I am paying for food. I will try just about everything and hopefully, I will get to taste a good majority of what they have to offer! Then, during second quarter, I will start taking pills called Omni-Drops (which my friend’s family is a representer of), and follow the very strict diet that comes with it. I think it might actually be easier to diet in college, since there are no parents to get upset at you if you eat less or by you having so many restrictions that make planning dinners super rough!

I will keep you all posted on this as time goes by :)

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Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Phoebe Kim, and I am an incoming freshman in college this year at Seattle University. A couple facts about myself: - I am from Salem, Oregon - I am 100% Korean in blood but I can fluently speak, read, and write in both Korean and English, and I dabble in Spanish as well! - I am super ordinary, and am very excited to blog here!!!

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