What I Learned in High School Pt. 2

Hello again, you lovely trinkets!

Today’s piece of wisdom from the “What I Learned in High School” series is:
Don’t be afraid to be the “teacher’s pet.”

Okay, this piece of advice is probably one that a lot of you may just roll your eyes at, but I think this on is actually preeeetty critical for a number of reasons, so hear me out.

1. THINK LONG TERM: I know that back in elementary school it was frowned upon to be a “goody two-shoes” and listen earnestly to everything the teacher had to say, but especially in high school, your mentors are going to be the people you rely on and request teacher recommendations from. This extends past college applications, but also resum├ęs for future jobs, surveys required for certain aspects of work, and so much more. I also almost guarantee that your grades will sky-rocket as well. REMEMBER THIS CAN APPLY TO COLLEGE TOO!!!!! (The whole point of me doing this mini-series is to show what valuable things I’ve learned in high school that is also applicable to college! That’s why we’re all here, right??)

2. Even thinking short term, your grades and marks are sure to improve, even the tiniest little bit. When you create a stronger bond with your teacher/professor/mentor/etc., you tend to ask more questions, be more inclined in discussions and lectures, and most of all, show that you genuinely care about understanding the subject and have a thirst for knowledge (assuming you are involving yourself earnestly). And if you do this, you are more likely to also possess the ability to prioritize your schoolwork over less important things (*ahem, keyword: prioritize*), which I will be talking more in-depth about in the next part of this series.

So, let’s review what you just read all of that for: To make the most out of your (very expensive) college education, don’t be afraid to get close with your prof. You have the right to squeeze out every penny’s worth of it!


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