What I Learned in High School Pt. 4

Hello there, beautiful beings!

I’m back with another installment of the “What I Learned in High School” series, and today’s piece of wisdom is: It’s okay to go against the “in-crowd.”

Yep, you guys know EXACTLY what group of people I’m talking about: The clique that everyone wants to be a part of, that often makes you feel like you need to conform and change yourself to be like them. To be perfectly honest (as I always am on here!), I was part of this said group for a few years. Now, I didn’t do anything to change myself to be hanging with them… this isn’t to say that I was particularly “popular” or “cool” enough to be a part of it, but with my usual friend group, it just sort of happened. Looking from the inside out, it was terrible to see how people changed the way they dressed, spoke, and even ate to feel like they fit in with the said group. It really, truly broke my heart. Because I didn’t change myself to fit in with them and instead I just proudly sported my “true self,” I started to slowly diverge from the majority of them since I refused to conform. I was becoming very different and independent.

I was going against the “in-crowd,” but I was happier and proud to be myself in the long run. I know this is a really cliché piece of advice, but since we’re going off to college and have a chance to start off the clean slate, we can all work to express ourselves as who we are! :)

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Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Phoebe Kim, and I am an incoming freshman in college this year at Seattle University. A couple facts about myself: - I am from Salem, Oregon - I am 100% Korean in blood but I can fluently speak, read, and write in both Korean and English, and I dabble in Spanish as well! - I am super ordinary, and am very excited to blog here!!!

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