Skyping with Nick

I got to Skype with a good friend of mine named Nick. I met him through the Disney College Program. We both took a class called Blended Learning together. He sat across the room from me but we actually talked and met during our class scavenger hunt all throughout Disneyland. We ended up tying for third place but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. He soon after added me on Facebook and then I started running into him a lot after work. We tried to keep in touch after we graduated from the program and we decided to skype!

It was so good to talk and to hang out with my old buddy, even if we were quite a long ways apart physically. He told me his really cool story of how the other class he was taking called Marketing You, got him his new job at Well’s Fargo. In the class, one of the assignments was to make a professional resume and as an option, the professor told everyone to send it out to potential employers. One of the places Nick emailed it off to was Well’s Fargo and sure enough he got a job as a bank teller. He likes it because he makes more money than at his old job at Starbucks. We also talked about how it was working at Disneyland. I found out that all attractions people and custodial get paid the minimum which is $9.05, except custodial will get 50 more cents when they clean the bathrooms. I think Foods gets paid just a little bit more. And I’m pretty sure people in my old department, Entertainment, make the higher wages, but there’s even jobs that make even more than us. I’m dying to find out which ones they are. Anyways, like I said, I had a great time getting to catch up with him and talking about school and how we both want to do another Disney College Program. He is planning on coming down to California this summer so I hope I get to see him!

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