Winter Wonderland Nails

So the dollar nail polish I bought for my Christmas nails ( were super cheap and they actually started chipping the day I painted them on, and it progressively got worse everyday until it got so bad, that I just had to erase them. Now, if you know a thing or two about nails, you know that nail polish is actually really bad for them, and too much will make your nails yellow. That is why I removed the polish off my nails with nail polish remover and I let my nails “breathe” for a day, before I coat on some heavy polish.

This next color I decided to do was on account of the winter season. I live in California so we don’t get snow but the weather has been unbearably cold. But since Christmas is over, and red and green nails are now tacky, I decided to go with this beautiful Cashmere Crème color from NYC ( In that picture the blue looks really dark though so here’s another shot of it which is actually a little bit more accurate: But that wasn’t enough for me (this is actually the first nail polish I bought this year and I’ve already worn it), so I wanted to add something to make it different. Remember my Christmas nails? Here’s a picture of the nail polishes I used to refresh your memory: I used the second one on the left to coat over the light baby blue color making it glimmer and shine more, giving it a more winter-y effect. And of course, I posted up my pictures for you all as well: I’ll be doing my nails again soon so be on the look out! Happy holidays!


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