I had my first pageant today, sick and all, which you would have known that I was getting ready for from this past post: If you can already tell by the tone of my writing, I lost. I hate losing. I really just want to win a pageant one day. It is my goal to win a title one year. But overall, it was a great experience and I am definitely doing this pageant again next year and I’m going to do a ton of other ones too. I really really want to win one. I just have really wanted to have a crown. I’ve always wanted to be a princess since I was little and I want to wear it around Disneyland to celebrate after, like my friend did. I really want to win at least princess next year and then I could go around with her and we could both be wearing our crowns.

Anyways, it was still a good experience like I said. I am so glad I did not spend too much money on this pageant. It was good practice for the future and it was just a fundraiser and not a huge actual expensive pageant, which would be much worse to lose in. I only spent $15 to rent a traditional dress and then I borrowed the evening gown and shoes from one of the freshmen that lives next door to me in my dorm. Other than that, I just recycled everything I already had, like shoes, make-up, and casual clothing. Next time, and for next year, I am going to ask for sponsors and donations for clothes and especially dresses. I also need to work on my first impressions. It was a mistake not talking more about my experiences. Sigh. It made me feel a little bit better when my boyfriend mentioned that the judges were being racist against me. Anyways, I don’t want to talk about it anymore and yea, I can admit it, I’m a pretty sore loser. I will say alot more next time when I win. Bye.

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