Top 10 Tips for Taking College Exams

10 Things to Remember on the Day of your Exam

  1. Arrive early. Make sure you know the location and time of your exam. Get there early to give yourself enough time to settle down before the exam starts.
  2. Be awake for the test. Ideally, getting a good nightís rest is always encouraged before an exam; however, realistically, we all know that canít always happen. Other options are to shower in the morning, chew gum, to have a caffeinated drink. Always be cautious when consuming caffeinated drinks, you donít want to be jittery for the test.
  3. Eat a small breakfast. Youíll want to minimize any possible distractions during the test. Itíll be more difficult to concentrate if youíre hungry. Donít eat anything that may upset your stomach.
  4. Bring extra writing utensils. You never know when your pencilís going to break or run out of lead or your penís going to run out of ink.
  5. Bring all essential test materials. Thereís nothing worse than forgetting to bring a calculator or notes to an exam. Professors usually wonít have extras or allow you to share with another classmate.
  6. Go to the bathroom. Self-explanatory. This is another precaution to minimize distractions during the test.
  7. Wear comfortable clothes. Youíll want to be comfortable taking the test. Popular choices are sweatpants and hoodies.
  8. Bring any necessities. Bring a water bottle, tissues, cough drops, etc.
  9. Look over your notes. Review important information again before the test to refresh your memory.
  10. Itís just a test. Remember that you studied hard and have confidence in yourself.

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