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How to Stay Healthy in College

Tips for college students on how to stay healthy at college

College life can be tough, stressful and overwhelming at times. It is very important college students lead a well balanced life at college with includes college health. Starting your college career off on the right foot can really help maintain a healthy lifestyle, check out our Freshman Health Tips for more information. Staying healthy at college is important because it helps a college student feel better and more confident. This helps in all aspects of college life including scholastic, social, and overall well-being.

Staying Healthy at College

Staying healthy at college is a constant struggle. Watch what you put into your body because drugs, alcohol, smoking, unhealthy foods and a lack of sleep can all have a negative effect on your health. Try to quit smoking, to help increase your stamina, reduce your changes of getting sick, whiten your teeth, freshen your breath, and get rid of that cigarette odor.

Stress and Health

It is also very important to manage stess appropriately in college. Stress can cause physical symptoms and if left unmanaged, in extreme cases can lead to depression and or suicide. It is important to be active and maintain a good balance for your life, make sure you have activites that help release stress. Some activites such as sports or exercise or even just walking and getting some fresh air can really help.

Find a Healthy Friend

It helps if you have friends that are also focused on being and staying healthy. Watch out for each other when eating, work out together, and motivate each other to eat great and work out. This can help keep your spirits up and you focused and on track. Staying healthy in college is a great way to develop good habits that will help continue a healthy lifestyle after college.

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