College Dorm Life Tips

Tips for college dorm life

College dorm life may feel like living in a bunker, but students can survive if they follow simple rules. College students should understand this living arrangement is only temporary, and worst case scenario, room or roommates can be changed.

college dorm life

Before You Move In To Your Dorm

Preparing for college is exciting, but you want to be sure you take care of as many things before you actual move in day as possible. Check out our college checklists page to find out more on how to be prepared for college move in day. If you school provides your future roommates contact info make sure you make every effort to get in touch with them and try to establish a friendship early on. Be open, honest and friendly and try to find out as much about them as possible. Consider bringing some type of move in gift for them to help win them over. Getting along with your roommate is very important because it can make or break your freshman year experience in the dorms.

Get along with your roommate

Chances are you and your roommate are going to disagree on something. You may even be complete opposites, but you must learn to get along. If you are having problems with your roommate, try to leave and blow off some steam. Remember you are stuck sharing the same space with this person, and it's easier to tolerate someone compared to being worst enemies.

Moving In: Establish the rules early on

Talk to your roommate about the room rules as early as possible, ideally on college move in day right after you move into the dorm and your parents leave. This will help you both agree and ensure there was no confusion later on. Things you should discuss include your policy on having visitors over, dorm room decoration, dorm room furniture placement, borrowing clothes, eating food and anything else you can think of.

Having visitors over to your dorm room

Chances are you are going to have people stay over in you already tight dorm room. You and your roommate should figure out what is acceptable. For example, bringing home 2 people of the opposite sex at 3:30 AM might not be acceptable for you. If it's you bringing people home late at night, at least be courteous enough to be quiet when you and your "guest" slip into your bed. And try to keep it down before you go to sleep.

Borrowing clothes

This is more for the college girls, because college guys don't usually borrow each others clothes. Many college students have problems with roommates borrowing clothes without asking and not returning the clothes in the same condition the cothing was borrowed. Make sure you let your roommate know if they want to borrow any articles of clothing, they must ask you first before they can borrow it, and they must return the clothes in the condition they found them (washed and ironed). Try not to be too strict, because the more flexible you are with your roommate the better you will get along. Try to get your roommate read our tips on doing laundry in college dorms if they complain about doing laundry.

Dorm life: Food

Food can be an issue because usually one roommate has way more food than the other. Talk to your roommate and lay down the law about eating your food. Some college students have had to buy locked boxes to store their food in because their roommate would not stop eating their food.

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