How to Make New Friends in College

Tips for college students on making new friends in college

College is a new start - another chance to make new friends you will be spending lots of time with and will define you into the person you want to be or who you will be. They may become your lifelong friends, your best man or your maid of honor, or you may even spend the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Whether you are going to your local community college or you are half-way around the world, you are bound to meet new people wherever you are. Here are some tips to help you start off these relationships with not just good but AMAZING first impressions.

Top 4 tips for making new friends in college

  1. One of the easiest ways to make friends is with your classmates! Get to class early on the first day and if you get there early enough, you will be in the room or waiting outside the classroom by yourself, with one other person, or a small group of people. A good casual opener would be asking them if youíre at the right classroom. Hopefully they will tell you that youíre at the right place, and thatís when you can introduce yourself and explain that youíre new and a freshman. Open up the conversation and ask them where they are from, if they like the campus, what other classes they are taking, what their major is, etc. Do this in all of your classes and you already have yourself a group of friends that you can make study groups with, take notes for you when youíre absent or sick, and just to hang out with and celebrate after midterms or finals!

  2. If you are dorming, your hall will most likely have many fun activities for you to participate in, like broomballing, movie nights, and free pizza in the student lounge events. Take advantage of them and go to as many as you can. Knowing your hall mates will also come in handy because they will be the ones hosting and inviting you to parties that may very well be right next door that you will be missing out on because you donít know them.

  3. If you arenít dorming, then you can try to find friends to carpool with. Carpooling is a great opportunity to just kick back, relax, and talk to the other person. Car rides are a good time to talk things out and learn more about each other. Just be sure to be on time and prepared when you do carpool! Nothing turns a relationship like that sour than a person that makes you late for class!

  4. Joining many organizations will help you make new friends quickly! Youíre already done with the first step because other people that join the organization are already willing to be your friend. Joining fraternities or sororities will help you create close bonds with students that are older than you. Sports teams also are very good at making everyone become a teamplayer. The best part is that in clubs, your friends will have some kind of similar interest that you all share. For instance, if you love Harry Potter and you join the Harry Potter club, then it will be easy for you to make friends because you have something in common and therefore Ė lots to talk about!

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