College Money

Financial tips and advice for college students

This section contains information and tips on student loans, buying a computer, saving for college and managing money once in college.

College student money

Managing Money in College

Managing money in college can be very difficult. It is very important that each college student can keep enough money to last the semester. Typically college students do not have much money at all, and need to stretch each dollar as far as possible. Peer pressure, socitey and other factors can make it even more difficult not to buy nice clothes, or hard to say no when college friends are going on an expensive trip. The key is to budget your money and pad your budget for unexpected costs.

Find Money For College

Finding money for college can be difficult, time consuming and tedious. It is very important that college students and their parents do not get so frusturated that they give up, because money saved up front can save tens of thousands of dollars.

College Credit Card Debt

Try to avoid student credit cards if possible. You may think as a college student you can spend the money now and pay it off when you have a "real" job and are making a lot of money. But you will see that sometimes you are not making as much as you think you were, and you have many expenses to pay.

Additional College Money Resources

Below are some good resouces and money tips for college students and college grads. Following these resources can help set students and grads up for financial success after college.


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