Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges For College

How college students can save money on printer ink cartridges

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to print a paper last minute right before class and you notice your printer is out ink. The problem is, ink is so expensive and itís tough for college students to fork out money for printer cartridges, when they are broke and have so many other things they need to buy.

How to Save 15% with Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges

College students can save 15% by getting 3rd party cheap printer ink cartridges from companies that just do printer cartridges. Companies such as provide discounted and cheap printer ink cartridges and may offer free shipping.

Printer manufacturers can afford selling printers for discounted rates because they know you need to come back and buy the ink, and thatís where they make the money. Ink is very expensive, but some college students may not realize that they donít have to buy the same brand printer cartridge as the manufacturer states. (Disclaimer: using non-manufacturer ink cartridges could void your manufacturerís warranty, check your printer documentation to be sure)

Computer Lab Printer

Now if you are really broke you can always use the schools printers (but that usually involves walking across campus which could be a pain in inclement weather) and arrive at a computer lab only to find out the school's printer is out of ink, paper, or is offline. Some college computer labs fill up quickly and students have to wait until a computer becomes available, which can be a pain when you are just trying to print.

Try to avoid the computer lab busy times

Usually the computer labs are filled with students trying to print out papers right before class, thatís why it is always better to have your own printer and print your own papers in your dorm or apartment. Buy a few discounted printer cartridges so you always have an extra just in case.

If you don't have a computer yet, check out our Best Computers for College Students page, where you can read up on a good type of computer to buy for college, and stop wasting time at the computer lab.

College students need to pinch every penny and find savings where possible, cheap printer ink cartridges is just one way college students can save some cash, and have more spending money.

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