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Scholarships For College

College gets more expensive every year. Scholarships are a great way to help reduce the costs of attending a college or university. College scholarships are typically awarded based on some type of achievement or success and may contain clauses that require the student to maintain a specific grade point average.

Scholarships you can enter now:

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College Scholarship Tips

It is important to reach out to everyone you know to ask if they know of any organizations or companies that give out college scholarships. Once you have your list make sure to keep note of all of the deadlines and requirements to be eligable. This will help you stay focused and make sure you get all your scholarship applications in on time.

Try to set yourself apart from the other applicants and try to think what you would be looking for if you were reviewing scholarship applications. Always be honest and never bend the truth, make sure you can back up everything you say in your college scholarship application or essay.

After you are awarded your college scholarship

Write a thank you note! Someone spent a lot of time reading all the college scholarship applications, and they selected you. Write a sincere thank you note to the person who saved you money on your college tuition. This will also help your chances of winning the scholarship again the following year if you are still eligable.

Types of college scholarships

  • Institutional - Awarded by the college or univeristy to a current or future student
  • Merit - Usually the largest scholarships. Given for a student's academic, artistic, or athletic abilities
  • Need - Given to distinguished students who are in need of help financially
  • Sociology - Only given to students that meet a certain criteria for religion race, or national origin
  • General - Any other type such as scholarships given to students based on their parents affiliation with organizations or corporations (parent's employer may offer scholarships)

College Scholarships Available

Below are a few examples of scholarships that are currently available for students to apply for. Please contact us using the form below if you know of any good scholarships to add to this list

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