31 Tips to Save Money at College

Tips and advice to save money while at college

College is the one time in a persons life when it is acceptable to be broke. Saving money in college is very important to be able to avoid credit card debt and other financial problems. Living cheap is living smart in college and there are ways to pinch every penny.

Ways to save money at college:

    General Tips to Save Money at college

  1. Don't use a credit card irresponsibly - (Pay off your balance every month to avoid interest)
  2. Save all your change - everyday dump your leftover change in a jar then take it to a bank with a coin machine
  3. Save money on food at college

  4. Eat at the cafeteria as long as possible
  5. Avoid eating late at night - its not healthy to eat before bed time anyway
  6. Don't get food delivered - This costs extra
  7. Go grocery shopping - Although a pain, it can help you save a lot of money by lowering your average cost per meal
  8. Go grocery shopping on a full stomach - being hungry makes you want to buy more
  9. Get a local grocery store saver card - this will help you save more
  10. Buy in bulk (or get your parents to when they are visiting) - BJ's and Sam's Club are great for saving money
  11. Cut coupons - Coupons will allow you to get savings such as buy one get one free - great for items that don't perish like the cheap foods listed next.
  12. Eat cheap food - Ramen noodles, easy mac, oatmeal, cream of wheat etc.
  13. Don't go out to eat - Eating at restaurants costs more, plus you have to tip
  14. Brew your own coffee - save a lot compared to buying by the cup
  15. Get a Brita water filter and stop buying bottled water - fill up a used water bottle with water from your Brita
  16. Check out Cheap and Healthy: 15 Nutritious Foods for About $2 - WebMD.com

    Save money on Alcohol at College

  17. Pre-game before you go out with cheap beer - you wont believe how much money this can save you
  18. Drink at college parties - Usually free or much cheaper ($5 for the night) than going to bar, where you could pay $5 cover just to get in
  19. Drink cheap beer - Natural "Natty" Lite, Lions Head, Milwaukee's Best, Pabst Blue Ribbon, etc. will all save you money
  20. If you go to the bar find out where the best drink specials are, and leave when they are over
  21. Save Money on College Classes

  22. Buy used college textbooks
  23. Don't buy a textbook if you can share with someone
  24. Buy and sell used textbooks online - usually better deals than the bookstore
  25. Save Money on Electronics

  26. Get college student discounts on computers
  27. Shop around for print cartridges online
  28. Save Money on Entertainment in college

  29. Don't get cable TV
  30. Only see new movies on campus - much cheaper on campus than in a real theatre
  31. Join Netflix with a few friends if you want to rent DVD's
  32. Don't buy video games
  33. Play poker online for free
  34. Save Money Shopping For Clothes

  35. Shop at thrift stores - you can great deals and cool vintage clothing
  36. Shop at outlets - outlets allow you get significant discounts on name brands


Money Saving Tips & Comments from College Students

"Speaking from experience when shopping for textbooks look online. My fist semster i bought from the bookstore and afterwards i went online to just look and i could have saved over 200 dollars and that was only in one semster. Also look at your monthly bills and compare prices cause a lot of people are overpaying and dont even realize. Like for me i was paying near 80 bucks for my cell phone, i switched to straight talk and now have unlimited for 45 and its on the verizon network so coverage is great. So be sure to compare prices cause you might be overpaying." - Chuck


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