How to do a Keg Stand

Tips on how to do a keg stand in college

keg stand at a college party

What is a keg stand

A keg stand is style of drinking directly from a keg's tap. The drinker is turned up-side-down to drink from the keg while surrounding people count out the number of seconds the drinker can continueously drink from the keg without stopping.

How to do a keg stand

Keg stand setup

Two people ("holders") get behind the drinker, the "pumper" should be next to the keg. The drinker puts his or her hands down on the rim of the keg while the two holders lift the drinkers legs up in the air until the drinker is inverted (see picture). The pumper should make sure the keg is pumped just the right amount so a solid stream of beer comes out of the tap (no foam). The pumper then puts the tap nozzle into the drinkers mouth and opens the tap nozzle (by lifting the tab on the nozzle at the end of the hose) to allow an un-interruped stream of beer into the drinkers mouth.

Start drinking

The croud starts counting up as a group the number of seconds that have passed since the drinker started drinking. The drinker tries to drink as much beer as he or she can while the pumper gives the occasional pump to keep a continuous flow of beer. Once the drinker has had enough, they "kick out" and the holders return the drinkers legs to the ground. Typically college students are impressed if you can do a legitamate keg stand for a long period of time.

Keg stand tips

Drinkers should try to relax while doing a keg stand and let the beer go directly down his or her throat. Letting your mouth fill up with beer is a rookie mistake and will not get you far. Those who can open their throat and let it go straight down will be able to drink for long periods of time.

Be careful when trying to do keg stands if you are at party participating in one of several college party themes. Depending on your outfit or costume it may be difficult to hold yourself up.

Dont do keg stands on a full stomach. If you feel full (from food or alcohol, do not do a keg stand). Keg stands are a good way to catch up if you have not been drinking, or after you have had a few. Doing kegstands after a full night of drinking is not recommended.

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