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Tips and ideas for college theme parties, and party themes

College party themes are a good way to change up an old college scene. Themes are ways to make college parties more fun.

Ideas for College Theme Parties

  • 40s and Blunts (thug party)
    Everyone dresses as a thug, party provides only 40's to guests.
  • ABC (Anything but clothes)
    Guests wear anything to party except actual clothes (trash bags, sheets, coconuts, anything not considered clothing is acceptable)
  • Angels and Devils
    Dress as either an angel or a devil. The costume says a lot about someones personality.
  • Around The World
    Each room has a different drink, and guests travel from room to room
  • Beach Party
    The college beach party includes sand, bathing suits, pools, beach balls...
  • Box Party
    Guests are divided up into groups and each group goes in a different room. Each room contains a cardboard box that contains assorted beer, wine, and liquors. Guests can't leave room until everything is finished. Tip: putting a type of alcohol that no one likes in each box will make it extra interesting.
  • Casino Party
    Party set up like a casino and guys dress as ballers and girls dress as gold diggers while gambling fake (or real) money
  • Catholic School Party
    Girls dress as catholic school girls (plaid skirts), and guys dress in shirts and ties.
  • CEOs and Corporate Hos
    All guys dress as CEO's (in suits and ties, and all girls dress in sexy business outfits
  • Cops and Robbers
    (Also known as Handcuff party) Guests are handcuffed together using zip-ties (each guy is handcuffed to a girl). They must finish 6 beers before they can take off the handcuffs then they choose someone else to be handcuffed to.
  • Cowboys and Indians
    Party old west style, dress as a cowboy, cowgirl or indian
  • Heaven and Hell
    Champagne and Wine on the top floor of a house, beer on the 1st floor, and hard liquor in the basement
  • Edward 40-hands
    Each guest that arrives to the party gets 2 40's (one forty ounce duct-taped to each hand). Guests must drink a whole 40 ounce before it can be removed from their hand. Gets interesting when people have to go to the bathroom.
  • Foam Party
    If you have the space and resources, this could be one of the greatest parties of all. Imagine college students in their bathing suits partying waste deep in foam. Definitely a way to set your parties apart from the competition.
  • GI Joes and Army Ho's
    Everyone dresses up in fatigues and army gear
  • Golf pros and Tennis Ho's
    Guys dress as golf pros and girls dress in sexy tennis outfits
  • Graffiti / Black Light Party
    At a college graffiti or black light party, all guests wear white t-shirts, and the party hands out highlighters or markers at the door. Guests write messages on each others white t-shirts. Messages get better as people get drunk
  • Halloween Party
    The college Halloween party contains sexy costumes, funny costumes, and is one of the craziest college parties
  • Naked Party
    The naked college party is where different floors of a house are set aside for clothed, partially clothed or naked people
  • Middle Eastern Theme Party
    Everybody dresses in Arab, Persian, or Israeli attire. Sexy spins on some of these outfits are preferred. Only ethnic music can be played, or middle-eastern techno...or Matisyahu. As for types of alcohol, anything goes but plenty of humus and pita bread should be set out for guests.
  • Pimps and Hoes
    Guys dress as pimps, girls dress as Hoes. Guys typically wear pimp hats, platform shoes, wide collars and rock pimp canes. Girls dress as prostitutes. Enough said.
  • Pirates and Wenches
    Guys dress as pirates and girls dress as wenches (female pirates)
  • Playboy
    Guys dress as Hugh Hefner, girls dress as playboy bunnies
  • Quarterbacks and Cheerleaders
    Guys dress as quarterbacks, girls dress as sexy cheerleaders
  • Rubik's Cube Party
    At a Rubik's Cube party, everyone dresses up in an assortment of solid colors and trades with others throughout the night to have an outfit that is all one color.
  • Stoplight Party
    Guests wear green, yellow or red to indicate their status (green = single, yellow = its complicated, red = taken).
  • Superhero Party
    Dress as your favorite superhero or make one up
  • Toga Party
    The college toga party includes guests dressed in sheets and sandals
  • Underwear Only
    Guests can only wear underwear to the party (can come to party with coat, but must remove coat to enter)
  • White Trash
    Guests dress as trailer park trash, with flannel, wife beaters (tank-tops), etc.

College Party Themes by Holiday

College Party Themes by Decade

  • 90's theme party
    Dress as anything related to the 90's, only play music from the 90's.
  • 80's theme party
    Big hair, dress as boy bands, jean jackets, etc. Only play 80's music all night.
  • 70's theme party
    Dress as hippies. Only play 70's music all night.
  • 50's theme party
    Dress like the movie Grease: guys white t-shirts and jeans, black jackets, girls in dresses
  • 20's theme party
    Roaring 20's cocktail dresses and men dress in suits and top hats

Suggestions for College Party Themes

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