Rubik's Cube Party

Information on the Rubik's cube theme party

The Rubik's Cube party is a college theme party where guests wear clothing in a variety of solid colors. Ideally each article of clothing should match one of the colors found on a Rubik's cube (red, white, blue, yellow, green orange). The goal is to trade articles of clothing with other guests (both male and female) until your entire outfit is one color.

Rubik's Cube Party Contest

After a pre-determined time has been reached (and clothes-swapping is over), hold a contest and give out prizes (the crowd votes) on the:

  • Best Dressed
  • Sexiest Dressed
  • Funniest

Rubik's Cube Theme Party Setup

If you are the host of a Rubik's cube theme party, you need to make sure you get the word out so everyone understands they need to dress appropriately or else your party will suck. Make sure everyone at your house/apartment/fraternity goes all out and fully participates to set a good example for guests.

Set up like a normal party, but make sure you buy some type of prizes/giveaways for the contest at the end of the night make sure you get some good unisex prizes that are cheap but people will be excited to win (a bottle of something, etc.)

Rubik's Cube Party Tips For Guests

Follow these tips to ensure you have the best time possible at your next Rubik's cube party.
  • Don't wear anything that you want to keep
  • Try to wear bright and solid colors
  • At the party try to talk to everyone and try to help other people with their colors
  • Don't wear see-through underwear or anything you wouldn't want people to see at a never know

Rubik's Cube Party Rules

Each party attendee should make their best effort to wear only bright colored clothing and wear as many different colors as possible. Accessories such as head bands, wrist bands, hats, etc. are all encouraged and make the night more fun (just don't wear anything you want to keep).


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