Wisest Wizard Staff Drinking Game

Rules and information on Wisest Wizard Staff a college drinking game

Wisest Wizard, also known as "Wizard Staff" is a college drinking game where participants carry around a "wizard staff" (empty beer cans taped together) at a college party.

Wisest Wizard Staff Setup

In order to play the wisest wizard staff drinking game, you will need the following:
  • At least 2 people
  • As many cases of beer (cans) you can acquire
  • One or more rolls of duct tape
  • Shot glass for each player
  • One or more bottles of hard liquor

Wizard Staff Rules

Wizard Staff Inital Game play

Each player drinks a can of beer, after finishing a can, the next can is duct-taped on top of the empty can. This process is repeated until the cans of beer taped together resemble a wizards staff. Each finished beer represents a level, so a player who has 5 empty beers on his or her wizard staff is a level 5 wizard.

Wisest Wizard Staff Advancement and Boss/Dragon Fighting

Players should decide (before starting to play) at what intervals should dragon/boss fighting occur (typically it is every 3 or 5 beers). Once a player reaches an interval (for example level 5, 10, 15... if a 5 beer interval) he or she must battle a boss/dragon (take a shot) of liquor that player should then name themselves after it. Ex: "Boss Morgan" or "Boss Daniels". The player cannot level up past 5 until the shot is taken. Those who are able to gather multiple types of hard alcohol have more flexibility on what name they want to take.

Wisest Wizard Staff Variations

Some play when you reach level 5 you become a dark wizard, and when you reach level 10 you become a white wizard. When the next player reaches level 10 status, they must battle the incumbent white wizard (similar to American Gladiators Joust event) and whoever's staff breaks last is now the new white wizard. Note: This style of gameplay may result in players using more duct tape to make their wizard staff stronger.

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