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The ACT vs. SAT

There is a difference between the ACT and the SAT. Some students choose to take one, some students take both SAT and ACT tests. The differences between the two are outlined below.

The ACT Test

  • Tests more cirriculum based skills
  • Time: 2 Hours, 55 Minutes
  • Verbal Skills Focus: Grammar, punctuation and syntax
  • Includes: Science & trigonometry
  • What some experts say: "...more knowledge-based and straightforward"

The SAT Test

  • Tests problem solving and general reasoning skills
  • Time: 3 Hours, 45 Minutes
  • Verbal Skills Focus: Vocabulary
  • Does NOT Include: Science & trigonometry
  • What some experts say: "...more nuanced, puzzlelike, trickier"

Colleges & universities claim they don't have a preference for one over the other. Typically it is better to take both (if you school offers both tests).

Free Online SAT & ACT Practice Tests

Free online practice tests for both the ACT and SAT can be found on the following websites:

  • Princeton Review SAT and ACT practice tests
  • Petersons SAT and ACT practice tests

ACT & SAT Practice Test Tips

In order to get the most out of your SAT or ACT practice. Be sure to time yourself and take the test in an environment with no distractions, similar to what you would experience taking the real ACT or SAT.

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