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Top 10 Largest College Football Stadiums

The Biggest college football Stadiums

College football stadiums are made to allow up to hundreds of thousands of fans watch a college football game.

Largest College Football Stadiums:

  1. Michigan Stadium - 107,501 - Michigan
  2. Beaver Stadium - 107,282 - Penn State University
  3. Neyland Stadium - 102,037 - Tennessee
  4. Ohio Stadium - 101,568 - Ohio State
  5. Sanford Stadium - 92,746 - Georgia
  6. LA Memorial Coliseum - 92,516 - USC
  7. Tiger Stadium - 92,400 - LSU
  8. Bryant-Denny Stadium - 92,138 - University of Alabama
  9. Rose Bowl - 91,136 - UCLA
  10. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium - 88,548 - Florida

What is your favorite college football stadium?

Do you have a favorite large college football stadium that is not on this list? Use the contact form below to let us know why it should get an honorable mention on our largest college football stadium page.

Which college football stadium has the most pride?

The largest college football stadiums may be biggest, but do they have the most pride? What other universities with large college stadiums can put "the largest" to shame with their sense of pride? Does your school have so much pride that the noise inside your football stadium is almost unbearable? Use the contact form below to tell us why you think your college or university should be mentioned as one of the top schools with the most pride.

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