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College Students

Students at a College or University

College students are usually broken down by year at college, but students dont always graduate college in four years so sometimes it can be confusing. Typically students are broken down into: Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Other variations include post-second year, second junior year, super senior and "5 year plan".

College Freshmen

A first year college student is known as a college freshman. They are most likely to make mistakes and drop out of college. At most schools around 50 percent of all freshman will not make it to graduation. They are also the ones known to party the most which may contribute to the high drop out rate. Freshman year usually "weeds out" the people there just to have fun. In order to stay in college freshman need to develop good study habits early.

College Sophomores

A second year college student is known as a sophomore. These are students who have done the whole college thing for a year now, and are starting to understand how things work. They usually pick the best dorm rooms or move off campus for the first time. Sophomores learn how to schedule classes to get the most out of every day, and not have to wake up early on Fridays.

College Juniors & Post-Second year

Post-second year students typically have long term goals compared to first and second year students. First and second year students worry about getting good grades for the current semester, where as post-second year students tend to focus more on graduation and overall success.

College Seniors

College seniors are typically on their way out, and they are just trying to get through the final classes so they can graduate and get a good job. Seniors usually are building their resume and going on interviews to be sure they can start a job right after they graduate.

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