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College Terms, Phrases & Words

Use this list to understand college terms and phrases

This college glossary contains college terms, words and phrases that are used in college conversations. Its good to know these terms so you can keep up with college conversations.

  • Beer Goggles - A state that college students reach when drinking where the alcohol makes others looks prettier or sexier. Use: "Boy I really had my beer googles on when I hooked up with that girl last night"
  • Beer Jacket - Drinking alcohol or beer during a pregame to get enough of a buzz on where you increase your tolerance for the cold
  • Beer Pong - A drinking game played with ping pong balls and plastic cups. See our page on College Beer Pong for more info.
  • Butterface - A term used to describe a girl that has a gorgeous body and a not so good looking face. The term comes from "Everything looks good but-her-face". But-her-face = Butterface
  • Flip Cup - A drinking game played with 2 teams of several people and plastic cups. See our page on College Flip Cup for more info.
  • Fracket - A jacket worn to a fraternity party that is cheap and can be destroyed or lost. Can be used in conjunction with a beer jacket.
  • Freshman 15 - A condition where freshman college students gain 15 pounds during the first semester of college. See our College Health section or the official Freshman 15 website for more information and tips on how to avoid the Freshman 15 weight gain.
  • Jungle Juice - A mixture of some type of fruit drink, and one or several types of low budget alcohol such as a cheap vodka or rum. Some add grain alcohol, beer, and/or fruit to their jungle juice. Typically this drink is served in some very large container where collgee students use a cup as a scoop to fill up their cup with jungle juice. Don't drink too much of this drink too fast, because it will catch up to you all of a sudden, and you may not remember the night before.
  • Late Night - Party that happens late at night usually after the main party is over. This is usually an invite only party at someones house or apartment, and could be a BYOB party.
  • Pre Game - Drinking with a few friends before going out to a party or bars. See our page on pre gaming for more info.
  • Power Hour - An hour of time where participants take a shot of beer every minute of the hour. See our page on a power hour for more info.
  • PUA - Pick Up Artist. PUA typically refers to males who are very sucessful at picking up women, usually with intent for casual sexual relations.
  • Walk of Shame - A walk taken early in the morning from a random house where one slept the night before. Usually after a long night of drinking possibly followed by a one night stand. The walk of shame can be spotted by college students walking like a zombie back to their house or dorm very early on a friday, saturday, or sunday morning with their hair messed up, and still wearing the same clothes as the night before.

General Drinking Terms

Not necessarily college terms, but they come up in college conversations
  • 40's - Large bottles of beer that contain exactly 40 ounces of beer.
  • BYOB - Bring Your Own Beer, somthing you really dont need to worry about in college. If a party says this, they may be saying it just to protect themselves from being busted. Check with the people throwing the party if it is really BYOB. If it is, and you are under-age find a better party.
  • Pounders - 16 ounce cans of beer. (16 ounces of weight = 1 pound)
  • Underage - Underage drinking violation, for consuming alcohol under the legal drinking age. Can cause problems with finding a career when they do a background check. Most education jobs and some government jobs will NOT hire an applicant who has an underage.


Additional College Phrases

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