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College Parents Guide

A guide for parents of college students

Some college parents may find it difficult to find their role in helping their child prepare for and find the right college.

Issues such a budget, location, grades, etc. can make it a very stressful time for both the high school student and their parents.

Below are some resources to help college parents find helpful information and support from other parents.

SAT Test Registration

You can find SAT test registration and testing date info on sites such as: Princeton Review and College Board to help you find dates your child can take the SAT test.

Government Aid

Every student should submit a FAFSA application to see if they qualify for any type of government aid

Scholarship Search

Searching for scholarships can be time consuming and frustruating (for both students and parents), but the truth is there is a lot out there that your child can take advantage of.

Sites such as Fast Web have a scholarship search tool that can help you find scholarships your child may qualify for.

College Parents Saying Goodbye

College Parents Resources