High School Student Tips for College

Tips for high school senior students preparing college

Senior year of high school is very difficult and exciting time. Most high school seniors are already accepted to a college or are waiting for letters from colleges. After students recieve their acceptance letters from the college they wish to go to, typically they loose motivation and develop senioritis.

High school student seniors must stay on track and get everything done while preparing for college. The resources on this website should help current high school seniors mentally prepare for college life ahead of them. If you are a high school senior and you have a question you would like answered (or any tips you would like to share), contact us, and we will try to answer your questions and post them to this section to help other high school seniors like yourself.

#1 Tip for High School Students: Fill out a FASFA

Every high school student needs to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This will allow you to get college student loans and grants (The FAFSA is the qualifying form for all federal financial aid).

High School Tips & Best Practices

Talk and be nice to everyone

Many high school students only socialize with those in their close group of friends. More successful college students are those who socialized with all types of people in high school. This high school tip may seem obvious, but you never know who you may end up going to college with or need a roommate. Being social with all types of students also gives you experience making new friends and socializing with people of different backgrounds and beliefs. Most colleges are a melting pot of different cultures, religions, races etc.

Don't go against your core beliefs or values to be popular

Stay true to yourself. Don't change your personality or who you are to fit in. When you get to college high school will not matter. You will be able to find other college students with the same likes as you, just be sure they are your likes. High school will eventually be over, you will go to college and no one will remember what you were like in high school.

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