Public vs Private Colleges

Information and tips on private vs public college

This section contains information to help future college students learn more about private and public colleges and universities.

Choosing the Right College for You: Privates vs. Public

There is a wealth of information on public and private colleges available to the public to help future college students make the best informed decision of where and how they would like to finish their final years of schooling. Unavoidably, there are many pros and cons to both types of colleges and it is up to you to decide what is the best fit for you, because every person is different.

Colleges are separated into two categories: public vs. private. Public colleges can be further categorized into community colleges, city schools, and public universities. Privates are divided into religious, liberal arts, technology colleges, or other institutions with specializations. In addition, there are a variety of vocational and technical schools that may be either public or private.

Differences between Public and Private Colleges


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